LKS Grinding GMBH


Hydraulic internal grinding machine of high precision

Tripet MHPE 500

The MUR 100 is especially designed for economical and high precision grinding of extremely small components and for machining of single components up to grinding of large batches.

Special advantages:


Technical data:

The machine is extremely handy, versatile, practical and of highest precision.

  • Workpiece headstock with electronic infinitely variable speed adjustment from 150 to 1500 rpm forward and backward. The spindle is mounted in preloaded needle bearings, thus achieving roundness accuracy within one my.

  • Cross slide of workpiece headstock with roller guide resulting in absolutely regular automatic feed cycle with roughing, finishing and sparking out time, adjustable from 30 seconds to 25 minutes. Swing base 50°/90° for conical grinding work and circular surface grinding.

  • Grinding support with fully hydraulic, smooth longi-tudinal travel, infinitely adjustable from 0 to 8 m/min. Quick adjustment of grinding head by longitudinal base support 225 mm. Automatic working cylcle by one push-button.

  • Diamond tip is set on finish size. Automatic compensation of wheel wear when dressing. in-direct sizing through diamond positioning.

  • Highspeed Air Grinding Spindle 80'000 rpm with collet chuck Ø 6 mm or Ø 3 mm

  • Quick lever clamping attachment



Grinding travel:
Grinding-Ø internal:
Height of center (standard):
Height of center (Option SV 102):

1 - 100 mm
0.5 - 15 mm
60 mm
102 mm





  • Div. clamping attachments as manual 3-Jaws Chuck, Microcentric, Magnetic, Pneumatic, etc.)

  • Coolant device with filtration paper unit, Lamp, etc.

The accessories are offered separately upon request.


Radialplay on Workheadnose:
Axialplay on Workheadnose:
Geometrical Form of a sample part:

≤ 2 my
≤ 2 my
≤ 0.5 my